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Summit Beverage, Missoula, MT
Dan Haney, Vice President Wine

Briggs Distributing Company, Inc.
John Salyer, Wine Sales Manager


Gusto Beverage, Great Falls, MT

Jason Naranjo, Fine Wine Sales Manager  406.788.2117

Intermountain Distributors

Billings, MT

Shane Lee - Direct Sales 

Gratham Distributing
Heather Burton


Greenlight Distributors

John Saladino, Sales & Operations



Zach Padilla, Broker



Dove Island Lodge, Sitka


Terra Firma

Cristain Coare, Owner

Alberta Canada

Warren Walden

Black Sheep Wine Imports Inc.

Promoting the world’s most interesting wines

Phone: 1.403.560.1608



1MikeandAdawn shed horn picture
Shed Horn Cellars supports local businesses and is proudly served throughout the country. 

You can enjoy the wines of Shed Horn ​​Cellars by visiting one of our Tasting Room and these fine establishments:​

Shed Horn Cellars Tasting Room

Double Arrow, Seely Lake, MT

The Edge, Hamilton, Montana

Specs, Dallas, TX

Hamilton Marketplace, Hamilton, MT

Perfect Shot Tavern, Polson, Montana

Lucky Liquor on Henderson, Dallas, TX

Wild Mare, Corvallis, Montana

Specs, Houston TX

Skakaho Steakhouse, Hamilton, MT

Alberta, Canada (call Warren)

Naughtly Nymph, Conner, MT

Specs, Austin, TX

Dove Island Lodge - Sitka, AK

Deacon Baldy's, Conroe, TX

Specs, Ft. Worth, TX

Naps, Hamilton, MT

Grizzly Liquor, Missoula, MT

The Hops, Victor, MT

Shed Horn Cellars 406 Tasting Room & Wine Bar, Hamilton, MT

SuperOne, Hamilton, MT

Mountain Meadow Venue, Cobb, CA

Sky Room, Lakeport, CA

Brunos, Lakeport, CA

Ask you favorite restaurant or wine shop about Shed Horn wines - they may bring them in for you!

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